Welcome to my Blog

First and foremost I wan’t to say thank you for taking the time to visit both my website and blog. A big hello to all my new followers who are reading this for the first time!

Well Koo.gallery is obviously a place where you can view my artwork give feedback contact me and purchase any of my work that may interest you.

Formalities out of the way, what is this blog all about?

Well I want my blog to be about mylife as an artist where I can share techniques, reviews and obviously interact with you making new friends along the way. You will get to learn more about me and hopefully I will learn about you. My blog is not a hard sell but a story of mylife no matter what that is and hopefully people will be able to relate to certain things and also share interests. This blog will primarily be about art but also about my influences, thoughts and other interests hopefully making it interesting, funny and most of all real.

If by reading my blog it gives you inspiration, help or just puts a smile on your face then I will be happy. Anyone can be creative and create meaningful art just clear you head pick up a brush and go wherever it takes you!

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