On the road to recovery after my operation

Since my operation (see my previous blog post) I have been getting seriously frustrated at not being able to get back into the swing of things again and pickup a paint brush. Over the last week the medication I have been taking after upping my dosage seemed to kick in so I have slowly begun to try and get back to normality.

I have had a couple of small commission pieces which I had to put off so I decided to start there. The first was a 3 piece set where the client wanted something floral in yellow and golds and has a love for butterflies but also wanted something contemporary. The result was this 3 piece painting called ‘LuLudia’

The flowers were created in a bright yellow with iridescent highlights using mediums to give a reflective shimmer effect. The contemporary butterflies were accented with gold leaf.

I had two more small commissions to complete where the client wasn’t sure whether they wanted abstract Cityscape paintings or Landscape painting incorporating a waterfall. They wanted two similar paintings in different colours of Burgundy and Turquoise to match their interior decor. My finished paintings were Vourgoundia Reflection and Turquoise Reflection where I used heavy moulding paste to give the paintings texture and incorporated mixtures of Alizarin Crimson, Cadmium Red and Light Blue Permanent. The water reflection was coated and finished to give a clear glass like finish which finished off both pieces beautifully.

Vourgoundia and Turquoise Reflection by Artist Koo

It sure does feel good to be back and gradually on the road to recovery.

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