Inspiration and vision to create a painting

I have been asked a couple of times recently where I get my ideas and insperation from to create a painting? Where does that vision of the image I want to create come from?

Well those questions are not easy to answer and depends on what type of painting I am creating. If we take comissional work for instance where I have been asked to create a painting for someone the client will give direction on colour and style, maybe even images so I have something to work from. So what about my none commisional work?

Ok here is the beauty of art and I will be honest with you probably 9 times out of 10 my finished painings never end up like the original image and Ideas I had in my head! I think painting as with any art is a reflection of mood and how you feel at the time and why I am a big believer on letting the brush take you wherever it wants to go. This creates a mood, feeling and deeper connection with the art you will create. I will have an idea to start with but as soon as I start my stroke will create something that catches my eye and I like and that will take me in a new direction from my original idea.

Perfect examples of this are my two paintings UnTorqued Illumination and Elegance Of Displasia. We recently came back from an amazing holiday in Spain where the buildings are decorated in beaftiful colours and shades of terracotta. This coupled with beautiful deep red and orange sunsets made me desperate to come back and put something on canvas. Originally I was thinking sunset, sea and possibly city scape to capture the architecture. But after creating the base colour on the canvas and I started to apply the initial brush strokes I went in a totally different direction.

Start off with an idea and concept of what you want to do but my advice is then let your feelings, emotions and brush take over and go with the flow. Try it and see what you create.

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